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Carrington’s New Breed of Real Estate

There are two qualities that have set us apart from the competition: Creativity and Resilience. Most real estate brokerages tell their clients they’ll find the perfect deal for them — whether it’s finding a buyer their dream home or it’s selling a homeowner’s house for the highest value. But not many talk about when deals go sour or when a homeowner can’t find any buyer offers. Most agents lose their cool when things don’t go according to plan. But not Carrington.

We remain calm and resilient. It’s during these events, that the agent needs to be the foothold for the client. It can be heart-breaking to lose out on a home due to a “better” offer. It can be devastating when you have done all the correct pricing and home staging, and still not receive buyer attention. However, at these hard moments, your Carrington real estate agent will be there for you. They will stay calm and they will offer you their experienced advice on what to do — and sometimes, it calls for a creative solution.

If conventional methods aren’t helping you achieve your real estate goals, turn to us and we’ll discuss a new strategy. We’ll show you how you can apply hyper-local information to your real estate goal and make it reality. With local expertise and an agent who is connected to the community, you’ll be finally getting the attention you need. Come see how creativity and resilience are the two things you need from your real estate agent!

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3 Ways Carrington Real Estate Services Isn’t Like the Rest

1. Industry Resources

Because your real estate dream is probably one of the largest endeavors you’ve ever attempted, you’ll want to be prepared. That means having information readily available at your fingertips. With Carrington, we’ll provide you with the resources that you need to know, so you can accomplish your goals. From calculating closing costs on a home purchase to expected return value on a home improvement when selling, we have you covered. And if you learn that something doesn’t match your goals, we’ll seek a creative solution to fix that.

2. Greater Market Share

Home buyers and sellers turn to us because of our large clientele database. If you happen to be selling your house, we already have dozens of buyers to show your house to. If you’re relocating to another area, we have contacts with other Carrington offices that can assist you. If you’re buying a new home, we have thousands of properties to choose from. All of these features are localized and nationalized, so you can in-depth details on the neighborhood level or reach far out to our other national branches.

3. Reduced Floor Time

Floor time refers to the amount of time an agent is sitting in the office and taking calls or dealing with walk-in clients. On the flip side, the more floor time an agent has, the less time they are out in the market conducting business. With Carrington, we have a dedicated team to handle normal real estate inquires while our agents handle important business with you. With less floor time, they have more time to spend with you and helping you achieve your goal.

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What We Offer: Our Services

For Buyers:

We find creative solutions. At times, your budget may not get the dream house you’ve always wanted. At other times, negotiations might break down when closing a deal. But all of these problems can be remedied with a creative solution. We’ll work with the other parties to help you get what you want. If they won’t budge or if the situation seems impossible, we’ll find a way to work around it. That’s how we build trust with you.

For Sellers:

We provide exposure. No one wants to see their property sit on the market without any buyer attention. To make sure your home gets seen by home buyers, we place your home on one of the nation’s largest real estate databases. We connect buyers who are searching for a similar home to yours and let them know they should take a look. With a new digital marketing strategy, we get your home mobile — so people searching homes on their phones and laptops can readily see your house.

Our Agents:

We are a full-service brokerage — meaning we handle any form of real estate business. Whether you need an agent to help you short sale your house or are just looking for a local expert to give you a frank breakdown of the real estate market, we can help you. Our job is to connect your goals with reality, so we constantly keep up-to-date in the industry and state prepared for any form of business.