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  • Planning for Success: Studying Your History to Plan Your Future

    As a real estate agent, you are the head of a small business. The appeal of “being your own boss” is likely one of the reasons that you got into real estate in the first place, but it is also one of the things that could be holding you back if you aren’t focused on being the boss of yourself.

    Any successful small business regularly takes time to analyze where they stand, what resources they have at their disposal, and what the return on that investment has been. They then use that information to make decisions about future investments with the goal of raising long-term profitability.

    If you aren’t having these types of meetings with yourself about the state of your business, you are doing yourself a serious disservice. But don’t worry because this isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Your entire planning session can be broken down into five basic questions that you should be asking yourself.

    Who Are My Best Clients?

    Written by Al Villegas