Haddonfield, NJ Real Estate

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Welcome to Haddonfield, NJ

Haddonfield, NJ is located in Camden County, and was selected by Philadelphia Magazine as the best place in the Delaware Valley to live, shop, and dine. Haddonfield is a short distance (13 miles) from Pennsylvania, an easy 90-mile trip to New York, and only ten minutes from the Ben Franklin and Walt Whitman bridges. Haddonfield is filled with old-world charm, and has a fascinating history that dates back to 1682.

With more than 200 clothing, art, and antique shops to choose from, residents enjoy the colonial feel of downtown Haddonfield’s shopping district, and appreciate the large selection of vendors in the area.  There are several restaurants where patrons can enjoy a fine dining atmosphere or relax in a pizza parlor setting while feasting on a variety of delicious cuisines.


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Public Transportation: Port Authority Transportation Company (PATCO)

Having a privately owned vehicle is the ideal method of transportation and with easy access to Interstate-95, reaching a local or long-distance destination by car is a breeze. With 13.2% of working residents relying on public transportation, the availability of the Port Authority Transportation Company (PATCO) is perfect for making local connections, and traveling to such places as Newark, Jersey City, Philadelphia, or New York is easy and convenient.



Haddonfield, NJ Real Estate Market

Now that you’ve found the perfect city to live in, you’ll have no problem finding a beautiful, yet affordable, home in a great neighborhood. The real estate market in Haddonfield, NJ offers an array of homes to satisfy just about any budget. Whether you want an existing home or prefer new construction, the homes in Haddonfield are beautifully designed, spacious, and feature a variety of floor plans to meet your living needs. Single-family homes in colonial, tri-level, and ranch styles sit on large lots and feature custom designs and great amenities. If your preference is a townhouse, condominium, or row home, Haddonfield has a selection large enough to meet your needs.


Average Price for Homes in Haddonfield, NJ:

Average Price for Homes

Testimonials to Our Service in Haddonfield, NJ

Here are what some people are saying about their experience with Carrington Real Estate:

Susan Pottar said: Our agent was a treasure. She was patient and always available to meet my schedule. When I asked about certain neighborhoods, she helped point out special things for each one (the pros and cons). With her help, I was able to find a great home in Haddonfield. Her rating: 5 stars

Elizabeth H. said: Buying a home turned out to be a daunting task. There was a ton of paperwork to be filed and signed, and I only accomplished it because of my agent. With her expertise, I was able to settle all my problems and move into the home I wanted. Her rating: 5 stars


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Distinguished Schools in Haddonfield, NJ

According to reviews posted on Great Schools, students of Haddonfield Memorial High School are very involved in community activities and the school is ranked high in academic and athletic achievement in the State of New Jersey.  Test score ratings are 9/10 and college readiness ratings are 9/10.


You’ll Enjoy: The Story of the Dinosaur Sculpture Landmark

In 1858, the first nearly complete Hadrosaurus foulkii dinosaur skeleton was discovered in a marl pit and unearthed in Haddonfield, NJ.  Although bits and pieces of dinosaur fossils had previously been discovered, the almost complete skeleton excavated in Haddonfield provided scientists with detailed insight as to the actual size and structure of these gigantic prehistoric creatures. As a result, dinosaur skeletons on display in museums worldwide are attributed to the discovery in Haddonfield.

The original site of the find has been designated as a national historic landmark, and there is a massive bronze sculpture in the business district of Haddonfield to celebrate the importance of this nationally recognized discovery.


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The Lifestyle: Haddonfield is Old-World and Market Fresh

Every Saturday from May through October, rain or shine, residents of Haddonfield enjoy the fresh fruit, flowers, and vegetables produced by local master gardeners and sold at the farmer’s market. There are organic and specialty items, and cook-offs where you can get a taste of the great things that are grown locally.  Living green and eating healthy, while supporting the community is how the residents of Haddonfield live life.


The Workforce: Rising Careers in Management and Sales

Management, sales, professional, and office administration positions are among the most common occupations in Haddonfield, NJ, and make up 66% of the workforce in the area. The largest industries in Haddonfield are education, management, administrative, health and social services, scientific, waste management, insurance, and real estate.


Why Live Here: Quiet Place to Settle Down In

If you’re ready to settle down and get the most from life, then Haddonfield is exactly where you want to raise a family and create memories that will last a lifetime. The old-world charm of this community is a far cry from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city. The downtown area of this community is a reminder of a time when life was simple, and yet the shopping and dining are described as the best in the Delaware Valley. Real estate is affordable and the spacious and stylish homes are designed to meet your needs and satisfy your lifestyle. The schools are rated among the highest in the region. If the idea of buying fresh fruit and vegetables from a market filled with produce grown within your own community is appealing, then Haddonfield, NJ is the place you want to live and raise your family.