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By Jared Kofsky

Welcome to Long Valley, NJ

Long Valley is an unincorporated community located in Washington Township in Morris County. The area is now a small, village-like community that has become a favored multicultural home for families as well as couples without children. Washington Township, where Long Valley is found, provides a very eventful and supportive community. People love living in this small, close-knit community because it has ongoing support systems throughout the year, as well as richly varied entertainment options and community events and activities. You can take part in everything from reading clubs to scrabble clubs, from children’s soccer teams to World Cup soccer camps. There’s never a dull moment in Long Valley.


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Public Transportation: Statewide & Interstate Access

The public transportation in the Long Valley area is very reliable. They are served by the New Jersey Transit system. The NJ Transit covers a total of 5,325 square miles throughout the state, as well as stretching to other large cities. Linking to New York and Philadelphia, it is the third largest provider of light rails, trains and buses. They operate and own 2,027 buses, 45 light rail vehicles, and 711 trains. They also provide a number of different programs focused on assisting people with disabilities and senior citizens.

When it comes to main highways, Kings Highway is perhaps at the top of the list. Kings Highway goes through a large part of New Jersey and is littered with prime real estate all around it. The other main highway is New Jersey Route 24. It extends a total of 10.42 miles from Interstate 287 in Hanover Township, through Essex County, and all the way down to Interstate 78 in Springfield Township.



Long Valley, NJ’s Real Estate Market

Long Valley contains all kinds of different homes and real estate. If you want to live close to a main highway, there are plenty of options up and down Kings Highway. Or, if you’re looking for a new or fresh starter home, you’ll find plenty of smaller, single family homes available as well. Maybe you’re looking to retire or get a condo, avoiding the upkeep of property. You’ll find a variety of purchase options for condos and townhomes as well. Most properties are priced similarly to homes across New Jersey, and the majority of couples and families living here are middle or upper-middle class. Long Valley has it all, from luxury and manageable market values to safety and security.


Average Price for Homes in Long Valley, NJ:

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Testimonials to Our Service in Long Valley, NJ

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Distinguished Schools in Long Valley, NJ

Long Valley is part of the Washington Township School District, which contains some highly rated schools, reassuring that, if you have children, they’ll receive a stellar educational experience.

The township school district is an involved and caring learning community that thrives in excellence in education and assures that every student receives a meaningful and proactive learning experience. This helps create lifelong learners and well-rounded individuals, with a goal of helping them reach their full potential as educated and responsible adults.


You’ll Enjoy: Fine Arts and Events

When it comes to activities and events, Long Valley has plenty of variety. For those who love the artistic side of life, check out some of the art galleries and studios.

Find a little of something for everyone within the reaches of Washington Township and right at home in Long Valley.


Long Valley, NJ Utilities


The Lifestyle: A Rural but Exciting Community

South Jersey provides a very different lifestyle from. Here, instead of busy streets and frantic deadlines, you have a peaceful, calm environment, with livestock, creeks, rivers, swamp land, and everything you could ask for in a somewhat rural setting. The people are very friendly and welcoming to newcomers. By day, residents like to hike and enjoy the outdoors, while also partaking in the exciting nightlife without the pressure and danger of the big city.


The Workforce: A Rich and Thriving Economy

The list of available work and employment in Long Valley goes on forever. You can find thousands of available career opportunities in all types of industries and commercial services, as well as retail and agricultural. One of the largest employers to work for in Long Valley is Allied Van Lines, which offers moving assistance and storage facilities, as well as auto transport facilities spread out over the township. Feel comforted that you’ll never have a problem with economic downslide, as there are always jobs available for many different professions in the Washington Township area.


Why Live Here: Long Valley’s Welcoming & Supportive Community

With all things considered, Long Valley offers vast opportunity to leave the hectic life of the city and slow things down a bit, whether you’re part of a growing family, single, or married without children. Great history, real estate choices, and a safe, welcoming community make Long Valley a small but exciting place to live. Enjoy natural surroundings, and send your kids to highly rated schools. In Long Valley, you can easily support yourself and your family and still take advantage of the conveniences of a larger city, Washington Township. The minute you step foot in Long Valley, New Jersey, you’ll fall in love and want to make it your new home.