Morristown, NJ Real Estate

Morristown NJ Real Estate

Welcome to Morristown, NJ

Steeped in strong town spirit and heritage. Full of historical landmarks and community traditions. This is Morristown, New Jersey – an old, established city that offers culture, entertainment and recreation. The diverse population enjoys a variety of amenities that enhance a small town lifestyle with big city opportunities.


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Public Transportation: A City With Easy Access

Morristown is conveniently located just 25 miles from New York City. It’s easily accessed by air, train, bus and car.  Many residents commute to New York City or surrounding areas daily for work and entertainment. Morristown, located on Interstate 287 which runs north-south, connects easily to east-west routes such as Interstate 280, 80 and NJ Route 24 that all run through Morris County.

Flights in and out of Morristown can be easily accessed through Morristown Municipal Airport or Newark Liberty International Airport.

Bus and train services are well-organized and easy to use. Residents can choose bus and train services with Amtrak, New Jersey Transit, Path, and Lakeland Bus Lines. TransOptions is a non-profit organization that helps you find alternative commute options like park and ride locations, carpools, shuttles, bus and train schedules and driving routes. They will even help estimate your driving costs for commuting.


Morristown NJ Homes for Sale


Morristown, NJ’s Real Estate Market

Morristown real estate is a stable market for buyers and sellers. The city is made up of mostly single family residences and townhomes. The style of homes vary depending on the location of the property. Newer homes are located in the suburbs where architectural styles tend to be ranch-style farmhouses and two-story colonials. Older properties are located closer to town in the Historic District where you can find beautiful bungalows and one and two-story Colonial and Victorian-style homes.

There are several areas designated to large luxury condominiums and townhomes such a Vail Mansion, 40 Park and Vail Commons. These complexes offer beautiful interiors and luxury amenities like concierge services, pools and spas, private fitness centers, on-site multimedia theaters, aerobics centers, club rooms and private parking.

Other housing developments and neighborhoods include: Cutler Park, Fort Nonsense, Franklin Corners, Jockey Hollow Estates, Lake Pocahontas, Lidgewood, Morris Place, OHHA, Shalebrook, Sherman Park, Speedwell Lake, Washington Headquarters and Windmill Pond.

With a population of approximately 18,600, Morristown has the atmosphere of a small town, but offers attractive amenities of a much larger metropolitan city. There’s a diverse age group made up of young and middle-aged professionals that are employed in both blue-collar and white-collar jobs.

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Here are some of our clients’ past experiences with Carrington Real Estate Services:

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Distinguished Schools in Morristown, NJ

Colleges in Morristown include the College of Saint Elizabeth and the Rabbinical College of America.


Morristown NJ Parks


You’ll Enjoy: Outdoor Activities and Family Events

Morristown is a great place to get outdoors and enjoy recreational activities and family events. Visit one of the many county parks with hiking trails and recreational facilities. Explore nature at one of the city’s picturesque sites. Enjoy a fun-filled day with family at a Morristown outdoor event.

  • Spend the day in the park. Visit Lewis Morris Park, one of the oldest and largest parks in Morristown. Hedden Park, Old Troy Park and Central Park offer a variety of outdoor activities for an enjoyable day.
  • If you love flowers, plan a trip to Frelinghuysen Arboretum or Willowwood Arboretum to see acres of beautiful gardens filled with colorful flowers and foliage native to the Morristown area.
  • For fitness enthusiast, check out the Traction Line Recreation Trail or Patriot’s Path for a day hiking, cycling, snowshoeing and cross-county skiing.
  • Do you love the water? Head to Sunrise Lake or Lee’s Park Marina where you’ll find boating and swimming activities for the family.
  • Plan a day of golf. Berkshire Valley, Flanders Valley, Pinch Brook or Sunset Valley all have championship courses with picturesque scenery.

Whatever type of outdoor activities you enjoy, you’re sure to find a great selection in Morristown.


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The Lifestyle: A Historical Past and Strong Community

Morristown residents take pride in their city’s historical roots that go back to the Revolutionary War. The city offers cultural heritage with its many national landmarks and historic sites and museums. There are also great restaurants, shops, and theaters for entertainment.

Morristown is home to four treasured national landmarks: the Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms, Morristown National Historical Park, the home of Thomas Nast, and Historic Speedwell.

Historic sites include Cooper Gristmill, Ralston Cider Mill, Fosterfields Living Historic Farm and Acorn Hall, home of the Morris County Historical Society. Each one of these sites represents an important piece of the city’s history.


The Workforce: A Stable Economy With Career Opportunities

Morristown provides its residents various job opportunities right in the community, including both part-time and full-time employment within the Public Works Department. Due to the city’s important heritage and well-know historical sites, tourism is present all year-round in Morristown. This offers many additional job opportunities to residents and keeps the city’s revenue stream strong.

Since New York City is only 25 miles from Morristown, job possibilities become endless. Many residents commute to Manhattan or other New York Burroughs for work opportunities. It’s an easy commute to many surrounding areas. Major companies based in Morristown include Bayer, Morristown Medical Center, Honeywell and Morristown & Erie Railway.


Why Live Here: A Small Town Lifestyle With So Much To Do

Morristown, NJ offers something for everyone of all ages. The wealth of history and heritage that’s part of the city offers residents a never-ending world of education and fun-filled activites year-round. It promotes tourism and creates jobs for residents. Morristown offers beautiful homes, picturesque surroundings, great schools and a comfortable, easy lifestyle. A strong community with friendly dedicated people create a warm, welcome atmosphere that makes Morristown a great place to call home!