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Welcome to Ocean City, NJ

This seaside community, located in the bustling Jersey Shore, is known around the world for its festive atmosphere and sandy beaches. There’s always something to do in this low-key beach town. It’s conveniently located for weekend or day trips, too. Ocean City is only 20 minutes from Atlantic City, 70 minutes from Philadelphia, and two hours from New York City.


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Public Transportation: Boardwalk Tram, Coastal Highway Beach Bus, and More

  • The Boardwalk Tram: This public ride makes it easy to transverse the boardwalk. Visitors can go from one end to the other, even when it’s too hot to walk long distances. Tram fare is $3 per person per ride. Discount punch cards are available for $20 for eight rides. An unlimited ride day pass is $6. The Boardwalk Tram operates during the summer months and in September for Sunfest.
  • Coastal Highway Beach Bus: Residents can travel up and down Coastal Highway on this popular bus. A Ride-All-Day pass is $3. Pass holders can transfer to the Park & Ride buses for no extra fee.
  • Park-N-Ride “Beach Bus”: Ride-All-Day passes are $3. Residents can park for free at the West Ocean City Park and Ride facility and take the bus to wherever they wish to go.
  • ADA Paratransit “Origin-to-Destination”: This transportation service is open to disabled residents and visitors. A $3 pass buys a day’s worth of origin-to-destination pickup and drop-off services.


Ocean City NJ Real Estate

Ocean City, NJ’s Real Estate Market

There’s a wealth of available real estate options in Ocean City. Condos are available for single professionals or young couples. Stand-alone houses line the city, offering the perfect accommodations for families of any size. Larger families can choose from a range of five- and six-bedroom homes. Smaller families will be pleased to settle into a three-bedroom, two-bathroom residence. Those who prefer to break new ground will find a wide range of brand new homes from which to choose. First-time home buyers won’t be left out, either. Deals can be found, as long as shoppers know who to ask.


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Here are what some people are saying about their experience with Carrington Real Estate:

Kevin Labriola said: I was on a tight timetable with a relocation, but my agent at Carrington Real Estate really handled all the challenges I threw at him. He helped me find a house that fit my needs and gave me insight into the area. I would use Carrington Real Estate anytime! His rating: 5 stars

Phil Muhney said: I was looking for a new home that would be able to sell for a good value in 5 years or so. My agent helped me decide which properties were best considering my future goals. Without his insight I would have never been able to complete my home purchase. His rating: 5 stars


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At the center of it all
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You’ll Enjoy: Shopping, Surfing, and Summer Parties

For Ocean City residents, every day is like a mini-vacation. This seaside town is home to a famous boardwalk, boat-filled marinas, beautiful beaches and bays, and a bustling downtown city center. In a setting so varied, it’s difficult not to find something to do. Here’s a look at some of the things you’re certain to love about Ocean City.

  • Water Sports: Living this close to the ocean, it seems like a waste not to take up a water sport. Ocean City offers a wide range of opportunities for windsurfing, sailing, kitesurfing, parasailing, and plain old surfing. If you’re a newbie, you can take lessons to perfect your form.
  • Whale Watching: If the sound of gulls and lapping waves make you want to do little more than relax, you’re certain to enjoy whale watching. Local waters are home to a variety of dolphins and whales.
  • Ashbury Avenue Shopping District: In Downtown Ocean City, residents can run errands, shop for gifts, revise their wardrobes, or merely pass a lazy summer afternoon. This famous shopping district is home to both family-owned shops and restaurants, so it’s easy to make a day out of it.
  • The Jersey Shore Boardwalk: This attraction was famous long before any MTV shows were filmed here. Visitors flock to the boardwalk en masse to experience its amusement rides, storefronts, and festive atmosphere.
  • Ocean City Beach: There’s nothing like a relaxing day at the beach to take your mind off day-to-day life. Ocean City Beach supplies respectable surf and soft sand.
  • Playland’s Castaway Cove: This boardwalk attraction is famous for its all-ages rides, golf, and arcade games. There’s good reason why Castaway Cove has been attracting crowds for 55 years. You’re never too old – or young – to visit this all-American theme park.


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Ocean City, New Jersey
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The Lifestyle: The Perfect Spot for Beach Bums and Socialites

Ocean City residents enjoy a true beach lifestyle. The city center is busy, but laidback. Night owls will appreciate everything there is to do on the boardwalk after the sun sets. Outdoorsmen and women can spend endless hours in the surf, boating or kayaking. On land, residents enjoy biking and running paths. Boutique shops and restaurants are everywhere, so trendsetters and foodies won’t feel left out.


The Workforce: A Spicy Variety

Ocean City is a huge tourist attraction, and the summer season is a great time for local job hunters, especially those with experience in the hospitality industry. Because Ocean City is such a busy town, there is a wealth of job listings available for those who plan to relocate to the area. Opportunities include openings in just about every field, ranging from pharmacy to financial advising.


Why Live Here: This City Has It All

Ocean City offers residents a little bit of everything. The low-key beach life is everywhere – from family-owned shopping centers to restaurants, right down to the famous sandy shores. After dark, party people can get as dressed up as they like and create plenty of fond memories. Jobs are as plentiful as real estate options. Ocean City provides both an urban lifestyle and a permanent vacation home for residents.