Wayne, NJ Real Estate

Wayne NJ Real Estate

Welcome to Wayne, NJ

Welcome to Wayne, NJ, the home of Toys R Us and other well-known brands. Wayne is a township that flaunts exquisiteness through lavish housing, well-maintained amenities and a vibrant lifestyle.

For a long time, Wayne has been an economic hub. However, the economy drivers have been changing over the years. During the city’s founding years, agriculture was the primary economic activity. However, with the building of different infrastructures over the years, Wayne has changed from an agricultural town to a modern business hub.


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Public Transportation: Well Connected

Moving around and out of Wayne is easy. The city is well-served with train and bus services going to as far as New York. Wayne is criss-crossed by a number of major roadways, including Route 23, U.S. Route 201 and Interstate 80. The city is served by the Wayne Route 23 New Jersey Transit and Mountain View stations, which connect residents to Midtown Manhattan.


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Wayne, NJ’s Real Estate Market

Wayne, NJ has one of the most robust real estate markets in America. Most of the neighborhoods exhibit very low vacancy rates. There is high demand for real estate in the town and this has prompted the development of new properties.

If you are looking to invest in real estate, you can buy new or old houses, which come in varied styles depending on the neighborhood they are located. Most upscale neighborhoods feature large single-family houses with four or more bedrooms. High-rise apartments, town houses and studio single-family units also feature in some neighborhoods. The booming real estate market can be attributed to the thriving economy of the township.

Average Price for Homes in Wayne, NJ:

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Wayne NJ Parks


You’ll Enjoy: Fine Recreation Facilities

The residents of Wayne, NJ value their recreational activities so much they even have a full department in charge at the local government. The Department of Parks and Recreation is in charge of all public recreational facilities.

The recreation facilities in the area include swimming pools, nearly 2000 acres of parkland, neighborhood playgrounds and multi-component playgrounds. The Department is doing a good job as is evident by the well-maintained facilities. When you are looking to spend time outdoors with your family and friends, there are many places you can go to blow off steam, have fun or simply exercise.

The Department of Parks and Recreation, through the Historical Commission, also organizes a number of events for residents all year round. Some of the events are historical functions aimed at enlightening residents and visitors on the history of their town. When you move in, you will feel at home in a short time. Moreover, you will get to know residents quickly thanks to the many events held in the town.


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The Lifestyle: Rich and Adventurous

Wayne features some of the wealthiest and cosmopolitan neighborhoods in America. The residents here are from different backgrounds. Common foreign ancestries in the town include Germans, Hispanic, Arabic and Chinese. This melting point of cultures has created a new culture on its own, with restaurants and other amenities adapting interesting and diversified offerings.

Everything in Wayne points to a refined life. The town will be a perfect home for the person who appreciates the finer things in life. From the housing to the amenities available, every aspect supports a refined lifestyle. Wayne household are upper class, with the average household having three or more cars.

Wayne’s restaurants are some of the finest in America. You will love the cuisines from all corners of the world thanks to restaurants like Zorbra’s (Greek cuisine), Aldo’s Cusina (Italian dishes), Double Ai (Sushi and Chinese dishes) and more.


The Workforce: Professional and Educated

Most Wayne residents aged 25 years and over have at least one bachelor’s degree and work in white collar jobs. Retail, finance, education, healthcare, professional, scientific, and technical services are the largest employers in the city. Real estate, IT, Arts and Administration take the lower share of the workforce.

Many top companies in America have a presence in Wayne. There are even Fortune 500 companies in the township including Prudential Financial, Johnson & Johnson, and Medco Health Solutions.


Why Live Here: Lavish Lifestyle, Well Maintained Amenities

Wayne, NJ is a constant entrant in the best places to live in America. Everything you will need for a luxury life is available in the city. The thriving economy also makes the town rich in potential and with lots of job opportunities.

Wayne residents enjoy some of the best facilities in America – they take their children to good schools, they have good hospitals, have adequate and well-maintained recreational facilities and the list goes on. If you like the pleasures of living in a big city in a serene setting, then Wayne, NJ is the town for you. Whether you are looking to buy or rent a house in Wayne, you will be glad you made the choice.